Thursday, June 20, 2013


I haven't blogged consistently for so long, and I miss it. But, I also don't miss it in a way. Right now, I would rather curl up and read a book, try a new recipe, or just relax with a cup of tea (or lemonade!) when I get some free time. I know that I'll be back to blogging eventually, but for now I think it's just going to continue to be sporadic posting! 

On a different note, I love the stage of life that I am in right now. It is hard, but so worth it. Actually, it's more than just worth it.. it's a huge blessing. Sometimes I feel like all that I do all day long is pick up mess after mess, do dishes, change diapers, chase a very fast crawling baby, nurse baby to sleep, do more dishes, and go to bed. And honestly, that is what I do a lot of days (plus some fun stuff like going to the park, and playing with friends!). But I'm realizing that it matters. These mundane tasks actually mean something. I'm raising and creating a loving environment for our sweet baby boy, and I truly couldn't feel more privileged. It is such a joy to be Jude's mama.

And a quick update on us.. because I feel like I haven' t filled everyone in for a while.
 Lee is working hard at his courier job while he finishes getting his degree online. I'm not quite sure when he'll officially be done, but I believe it will be sometime in 2014. It's a lot of work, but he's doing great.. and I fail to tell him that enough! 
He is a fabulous daddy to Jude. I've said it before.. but Jude thinks his dad is the funniest guy ever. They rough house all the time.. and I try to hold back my nervous mom comments as best I can.. because really, Jude loves it! ;) 

I turned 22 last month. 22 feels good, I still feel very young, and I love it. 
Like I said above, I am loving this mama thing .. even though it can be hard. I'm learning that surrounding myself with other mama's is soo helpful and encouraging in this journey. I found Becky through her blog a long time ago (while we were still living in PA) and met up with her for the first time several months ago.. she lives just a few blocks away and has been a total God-send. I love her! Through her, I have met a few other mamas that are awesome, too. I feel so blessed to know them.

Jude turned one last month! I can't.believe we have a one year old! I will write a post (with lots of pictures!) about that special day soon! It was a pretty emotional day for me. I love him so very much.

My mom and little brother just left a few days ago after visiting for a week. We had so much fun and were busy busy doing fun stuff the whole time. It's so hard living so far from them, but makes our visits that much sweeter (I guess. Even though when they leave it sucks!). Jude loved having them here. We all can't wait until the next time we see them.

Anyway, I better go.. nap time will be over soon!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

It's hard to believe that last mother's day.. Jude was in my belly & just a few weeks away from being born! The thrill and excitement of knowing that our baby boy would be with us soon made that day super special. 
But, nothing is quite like actually having your baby here for mother's day!

We woke up bright and early and headed to Ruth's Diner.. apparently it's a very famous diner here in SLC. We didn't think hardly anyone would be there since we got there so early.. but we were wrong! It was packed. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long to be seated. We had a really yummy breakfast.. and Jude enjoyed himself.. (he is finally eating.. err making huge messes!) ;) I'm new with this babies and food thing.. so I forgot to pack a bib.. his church clothes were a mess. Oh well! 

After breakfast, we went to church. When we picked Jude up from the nursery after church I could tell that he had been upset. The nursery worker said that he got sad after he saw a mom pick up her baby. Once I picked him up he was perfectly content. That made me feel awesome!!! He loves me! Haha

While Jude was napping at home, Lee and I made homemade gnocchi together for the first time! We used my friend Becky's recipe .. and it turned out really good! It's a super fun thing to make together. 

After Jude woke up, we went to the park and had lunch on a blanket and played. It was beautiful out (it seems like everyday has been gorgeous lately). Welcome, summer!

Thanks to my man for a special day AND for the delicious chocolate covered strawberries! 

Also, thanks to MY mom for everything. Seriously... I think that when I became a mama I learned on a whole new level the love my mom has for me. So, to the most sacrificial, loving, young, problem-solving, beautiful momma in the world- I love you!

And, to the boy who made me a mama. Goodness. I love you more than anything. You are my sunshine sweet boy. 
Forever, mama.

Monday, April 29, 2013

11 months


Yesterday you turned 11 months! Goodness! 

This month has been a doozy.. you went from teething to a runny nose then to a nasty stomach virus then back to a cold and teething! Throw in a bunch of sleepless nights and we're all feeling exhausted. That silly stomach virus scared your mama. It was the first time you've actually been sick sick, and I hated feeling so helpless when my little boy was so sad and miserable. 

But, thank goodness.. it seems like we are finally coming out of the sick tunnel!

Here's a few things about you: 

-You still are not a fan of food. Basically you've only actually eaten a few things.. and you really don't like any of it. But, last week we went to a friends house and I gave you some chocolate frosting off of my cake... and you loved it! You silly boy! I've been trying to get you to eat all kinds of things.. and what do you know.. chocolate frosting takes the win.
Also, just today I gave you some yo-gurt and you didn't hate it.. so that's a step up ;) 

-You think your daddy is hilarious. He has you giggling all the time.. it's just so adorable.

-Whenever you're feeling especially sad and pitiful (which has been a lot lately) you crawl over to me and grab onto my legs until I pick you up. It's the sweetest. 

-You love playing with anything that is not a toy.

-Everyone says that you are the happiest and smiliest baby in the world. And, you really are! That's why it's been especially sad to see you so miserable. 

-You really like men! You seem to gravitate toward them whenever we are somewhere. And you always have tons of fun with them!
(Ha.. I realize this sounds funny.. but you all know what I mean :) 

-You loove to nurse. And I love it too.

-You started this new little smiling thing this month.. it's the biggest smile I've ever seen and it makes your eyes really squinty. You haven't done it for a little while though. But it is so so adorable. Your dad and I both love when you do it.

-You can pull yourself up into a standing position on any furniture (you've been able to do this for a while now).. but you are not walking or standing unassisted yet.

-You are a verrrry fast crawler.

-You hate getting your diaper changed or your clothes put on so much. It's a fight every time, you strong boy! ;)

I can't believe that you are going to be ONE year old next month. My sweet boy, where has the time gone!? I swear it feels like I just gave birth to you yesterday! 

 I love you like crazy my baby Jude,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter 2013

A bit late, but Jude's first Easter was so fun! 

Even though he probably didn't really know what was going on.. we got him a basket with some plastic eggs and bath toys. 
We had a big breakfast, went to church, and went to the park to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

I did the She Reads Truth 'Holy Week' study the week of Easter, and I felt like it really reminded me of why we celebrate. Sometimes I feel like I forget and get caught up in the festivities.

 But truly, what a gift we have been given!