Tuesday, March 27, 2012


With baby boy coming in just 10 short weeks... I'm feeling overwhelmed. 
There's so much I feel like I need to get done, and its difficult when I feel like I have the energy level of a slug. I must be going through nesting or something.. just without the motivation to actually get things done!

Some things I feel like NEED to be done before baby boy comes: 
-A completely cleaned and organized AND decorated apartment. 
-I need to finish baby boy's blanket I've been working on for AGES. 
-I want to crochet a few more things for baby. 
-We need to REALLY figure out a final name. 
-We need to make a final decision on how were going to do cloth diapers without a washer (thanks for all your great tips on this post BTW) . And actually, a friend of mine just sent me this link which could end up being a lifesaver! (thanks Molly!!) 
-I need to figure out if were taking birth classes, and if we are WHERE (just admitting that we haven't done this yet makes me feel like a bad parent already for some reason) 
-We need to do our taxes sometime (thinking about how awful doing last years was, is enough to make me want to cry)
-We need to still buy a few big things for baby: this one shouldn't be too hard since were planning on co-sleeping, cloth- diapering, baby-wearing, and breast-feeding.. but we still have a few things left that we need to get. 

I'm sure I'm missing several.. but this is all I can think of for now. 
I totally realize that in the scheme of things, these things seem silly. But, they feel so important! I guess I just need to do each thing one day at a time and not let myself get too stressed if not everything gets done. 

Because in reality.. the really important thing is that our sweet boy arrives safely, 
and that I soak up every day that I have left of him squirming around in my belly :)


  1. This is totally normal girl! I have two weeks to go and it it not getting better the time is just getting shorter lol :)

    We took some parenting classes but could not get them all in just some of them and that is ok! :)

    I hate taxes. Ugh.

    So excited for you and your little man! Praying for you!

    Blessings! :)

  2. oh girl this is so normal ... i'm on my fourth baby and i still act like this ... only with each baby i feel like the nesting kicks in sooner! i'm so with you!

  3. Andrew and I decided that we aren't gonna do the birthing classes just because we figured we know enough about what's happening. Plus my Dr has been giving me SOOO much info and step-by-step things for us so I feel as comfortable as I possibly can for this whole crazy experience! ;) But I totally get it! I'm one week behind you and I feel like there's SO much I have to do to prepare for baby girl's arrival, sometimes I get so crazed out of my mind! SO I hear ya sister ;) Just a little bit longer and then our precious ones will be here and yeah, that's all that's important ;)

  4. Wow. I can't believe it's getting so close! :) I'm sure what you're feeling is normal! I'd be a mess trying to clean and organize things! I'm already a little OCD about that stuff! Hehe. I'm so excited for you!!!!!

  5. Totally normal! Have you heard of Hypnobabies? I highly recommend it! You can do it at home :)
    www.hypnobabies.com... worth every penny.

  6. so exciting! and everything will fall in to place . . . it really will. love the blog and can't wait to keep up with new baby's arrival. :)