Thursday, March 21, 2013


We've been here in Utah for close to 3 months and so far we really love it. I've never been to a city quite like SLC... it's so clean, beautiful, and feels very safe. It's not too huge and yet it has a lot to offer.

We live downtown and we really like it. Lee works a lot.. so that leaves Jude and I car-less a lot of the time. I still need to get used to using the buses/trax.. but there are still places that we can walk to that are close by. There's a super cute coffee shop a few houses down from us (which is seriously dangerous!) and then we have a organic grocery store down the road from us. There's also a plaza a little further away with several stores and restaurants that we can walk to if we're feeling especially ambitious.
Probably in the summer we will take advantage of the buses more. 

Anyway.. there are lots of organic grocery options (which is a big deal for us!) and there are lots and lots of young families with babies. 
People are super friendly around here. When we first moved in .. our neighbors brought us potato soup and came over to meet us. And then for Valentines day our landlords (who are also our neighbors) brought us cookies! It was so sweet of them both! 

Another awesome thing, is that we found our church through one of my blog friends, Meredith! We are really loving it there.. and are so grateful that we found such a great home church so quickly! (Thanks, meredith! :) 

It's so beautiful here.. the mountains are seriously breathtaking. I can't wait to do some camping in the mountains with my little family in the summer!

Utah, we really love you!

Oh, and we're ready for some more Spring-y like weather whenever you are... 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A letter

 Dear Jude, 

My sweet boy. How is it that you are already 9 and half months old? How is my tiny, helpless little babe crawling and giving kisses? I don't think that I ever realized just how fast you would grow. Sometimes at night when you fall asleep so peacefully in my arms, I cry. I cry because I'm gonna miss you when your big and old and don't need me quite the same way that you do now. I cry because I want to protect you from every bad thing out there. I cry because, well, because God entrusted me with you. And you're perfect. You've blessed your dad and I more then you know.

But enough with the sad part, because seriously you are the happiest boy I know. You love people. You'll pretty much always give a smile to anyone who looks your way. I love that about you. Everyone always comments on your beautiful smile and your perfect blue eyes. 
You're daddy makes you laugh harder and smile bigger than anyone. You think he's so funny. I for see lots of rough housing and silliness between you two in the future.

You just recently started giving kisses. And oh my goodness.. they are the sweetest. I really think you actually know what you're doing when you do it, too. I look at you and make a kiss-y noise and ask for kisses and most of the time you bring your face right over and give me a open mouthed kiss. You sweet boy.

Oh, Jude. Never ever forget that your momma loves you so very much. No matter what. And I mean that, no matter what you decide to do in this life or where you decide to go. 

I love you regardless, 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When grandma came to visit!

 My mom just left after spending 10 days with us. We had soo much fun... I wish she didn't have to leave! It was so nice having a extra set of hands when Lee was at work. It makes everything feel so much harder now that she's gone!
We went shopping, checked out Temple square, visited the Great Salt Lake, and had so much fun just hanging out together! 
We already can't wait for Grandma's next visit! 

{The great Salt Lake}

{Jude looking at some Bison}

 {Daddy being crazy}

 {Grandma and Jude at the Great Salt Lake}


{Grandma and a chubby Jude}


 {Grandma bought Jude a new stroller and he absolutely loves it!}

 {Great Salt Lake}

Thanks for everything, Grandma. 
Come back soon!! We love you!