Tuesday, March 22, 2011

beautiful weather

so were in the beautiful peachtree city, georgia & loving every second of it! 
the weather here is BEAUTIFUL. seriously... i forgot what sunshine felt like. 
i am so happy we are moving down to this beauteous weather. 
lee and i have been spending a lot of our time outside [when were not driving] ;) 
it's been in the 80's since we got here. 

anyways, we have decided on where we are going to be moving in fl:
we will be headed to clearwater beach very soon!
were so looking forward to settling in somewhere. 

so, we will be on our way to erie very shortly... we are definitely looking forward to that. 

so many things to look forward to! 

for now... i'll just soak up every second of this relaxing, crazy lifestyle. 

hope your day was great! 

for the amount of traveling that we do... i think this would be awesome!
found this great picture on a blog i follow
check out her blog... i love it! 

Friday, March 18, 2011


i've been feeling SO excited lately. i love being so young and being married, i love how many awesome things lee and i are going to do in this lifetime, and i love all of the new things that are happening in our lives everyday.
 its like a new life- it feels great. 

i constantly find myself smiling for no reason :) 

we were in chicago yesterday... and now in new york.
 still traveling like crazy people... its so fun. 
but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't SO looking forward to moving to florida and getting our very own apartment... !!!!! 
how wonderful will this be?! 
have a good weekend! 

our honeymoon: isla mujeres 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Home design ideas

I just love looking at and getting excited about design ideas-

love this idea to spruce up a hallway & put up some family photos! 

love this homey kitchen!! 

can you believe that this design was STENCILED on the wall? Great idea if you don't like the hassle of  wallpaper! 

love the pop of color that the lamp brings to the different shades of gray

LOVE this... looks so cute, busy, and yet organized 

How bout that chair?! 
Oh yes! 

& somewhere else i don't remember... oops

i'm getting so inspired by DIY blogs!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

four years ago today...

lee asked me to be his girlfriend!  

i'm not sure if most people keep track of a date like this... but its something neither of us will ever forget. 
looking back i can't believe how young we were! 

i can still remember the exact way i felt during those few days leading up to him asking me and the many many days after. 
i was such a giddy girl... sort of like how i still am now :) 
i remember being soo excited for the next school day
oddly enough, the next school day our class was going to see cadavers for our science class at a hospital type place...
 ha! how strange. that this happened at around the same time. 

i always sort of pride myself on the fact that lee and i ended up married. 
the whole time that we dated we were told by teachers/ friends/ seemed like everyone at the time that we would never last. that high school relationships were silly. 
this was discouraging. 

but when you know somethings real...
you gotta go for it-
and thats just what we did

i'm so glad my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend :) 
& that i get to spend forever with him

lee and i in our younger years 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


ok... time to post about things that I am SO looking forward to! 

-First of all, I'm excited to go to PA soon to see family and friends one last time before we move! 

And after that.... 

- I can't WAIT to get an apartment & and all the things this includes (showers, cooking, sleeping in a bed)
-so excited for home cooking! ahhh fresh, real food... what's that? 
-I am so looking forward to the warm weather (obviously)
-I can't wait to find a church where we will be living and get involved in something there! 
-I can't wait to meet new people/couples... it's about time we found some other young married people! 
-soo looking forward to being healthier... it is very difficult when you live out of a van and SIT for a living ;)

I've said it a million times... but I feel so much more grateful for little things because of the past few months! 
You all should try it......... ;) 

p.s.- i hope you guys read my last post... if you didn't, go do it-

it's so powerful

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Jacksons

Last month I found Molly's blog
I decided to share it with all of you-
Be blessed: 
Sunday, May 18, 2008. A beautiful Spring day in Park City, UT.  I clearly remember standing in front of my jewelry box picking out the perfect accessories for my outfit.  A deep turquoise silk top and short pleated black skirt with a dainty blue quartz necklace. I was proud, I remember, for having earlier prepared snacks for my almost two-year old daughter Lucy, which I had placed in my purse. Animal crackers, and perfectly sliced apples cut with the knife my mom had recently purchased for me. I was prepared. I was ready. And I wasn't even late. A novelty.
As I entered the church meeting house, it was packed-- the only empty row near the front. Lucy was thrilled to be sitting in front of her 4 yr. old friend, Joey. Hesitantly, I helped her move to the pew behind us so she could sit with Joey, keeping a close eye on her. My heart melted when I saw her fold her arms during the prayer and sneek a glance up at me. She smiled that knowing smile, the one she dazzled us time and time again starting at three months old. She had a way of connecting with people. She knew. Her spirit was wise. She knew she was loved and enjoyed the attention her infectious smile, and laughing blond curls garnered her. I tried not to laugh as I watched her watching me.
She came back to sit with us and minutes later the fussiness began. I had to take her out to the foyer. Nothing seemed to satisfy or distract her. I even tried the swings in the church yard. She was distraught, upset, impatient, inconsolable. Vic joined forces with me but nothing seemed to be working. Fine, let's just go. The meeting is almost over anyhow. Looking back, I want to say that Lucy knew it was her time to go...and she was sad to leave us. She didn't want to say goodbye but she knew it was coming. She kept looking at the parking lot and then laying her head on daddy's shoulder. After my little girl was buckled into her car seat, I gave a last ditch effort to comfort her by offering the sliced apples. She accepted and took one slice in each hand. As I turned the key to start the engine I heard her choking. Immediately I ran to the back seat and unbuckled her. While hitting her on the back to dislodge the apple I yelled for Vic. He calmly told me everything would be fine and took her from me to try the Heimlich again. She faced me while Vic worked on her and her eyes locked with mine. Panic. Confusion.
Vic immediately could see that his efforts weren't working. I yelled for him to run around the fence to the fire station adjacent to the church parking lot. Lagging behind him I fell to the ground in a panic. A green Subaru pulled into the church parking lot and I screamed, "My daughter is choking! Help!” I watched as Lucy's head flopped in Vic's arms and then saw her body go limp. Vic pounded on the fire station door. It was locked. No one was there. His hand would be sore for weeks to come. I made my way to the fire station while my heart beat out of my chest. Suddenly, people started flooding out from the church building. A nurse, a search and rescue worker, a doctor... as I went into shock three women attended to me. One holding my head and two on either side of me. I could hear what was going on but didn't have the strength to look or stand. I heard someone ask if anyone had a pocketknife to do a trach. This isn't happening. Not my Lucy.
Within minutes the fire truck arrived and paramedics went to work. Moments later a life-flight helicopter landed on the road in front of the fire station. I was carried by two men to a friend's car and we drove the 20 + miles to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake.  Surgery was done to remove the apple from her lung. When the surgeon brought it out in a small plastic jar to show us, I thought for certain she would survive. It was the size of a pea. She aspirated it and it was lodged at the bottom of her breathing tube, just before it splits into the two lungs. We had done everything right.  Barely able to walk, eat, or sleep, I battled my way through the next 4 and a half days while Lucy struggled on life support.  My little firecracker would fight this. And she would win. We would see a miracle.
But Lucy had other plans.  Thursday, May 22nd at 9 p.m. we saw a very different kind of miracle. Holding her in my arms, the organ donation team wheeled us down the hallway to the "yellow line" where we would say our goodbyes to our sweet daughter. Our world.
Lucy's kidneys went to a 35 yr. old father of four and her liver to a 6-month-old baby girl. I never thought I would feel joy after that day. I have. That is the miracle. Everyday is a struggle. Everyday I learn. Everyday Lucy is with me.

Visit Molly's blog here

Friday, March 4, 2011

no title!

Things have been pretty uneventful around here. Maybe this is the reasoning for the LONNNG space of time between my last post and now! 
Anyways, we have really just been enjoying our silly, crazy lifestyle. I want to soak up every minute of it while its here! Not many people have had the opportunity that we have. I'm really grateful for it. 

As of now, we are in Kansas- we just got here last night. So we've just been hanging out- not really doing too much except for listening to lots of talk radio (on our awesome XM radio- thanks again Mom!), eating, playing games, and more eating. Ha... quite uneventful, but fun none the less. 

Sorry for the boring update! 

here's a picture from valentine's day to make this post a little more interesting... ;)