Wednesday, February 23, 2011

things i love about this job

-seeing so many different places
-trying out pretty much every hotel on the face of the planet
-getting so much FREE time to do whatever we want 
-not getting caught up in things we need to do... (cause we don't need to do anything!)
-playing card games everyday with the hubby
-how excited we get when we get to shower and sleep in a REAL bed
-laughing a lot everyday 
-watching movies together 
-reading together
-listening and singing to music together :)
-how exciting it is to get a run after waiting for awhile
-learning about so many new places & things
-our deep appreciation for little things that we used to take for granted

and the best thing of all...

spending every second of the day with my best friend! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

change of plans!

Plans... what are those? 
Quite frankly, I enjoy living an unplanned life.

But, yes... we do have some sort of a plan and I am eager to share it with all of you!  
We have decided that Lee will be going back to school to finish up a degree. He will be going online (which is so awesomely flexible by the way). He will be a full time student and will start in, I believe, May of this year. Also, we are really happy with the online programs we have found. The flexibility is great and he will be finishing quicker this way. He has been accepted to one school so far that he applied to and we are awaiting to hear from the other one. 
yay for lee!

We are still very much going to pursue our missionary plans. And we have been looking into some really great opportunities over seas and are SO excited for where this degree is going to take us. 

Now for what I consider the really exciting news!
 We are going to be MOVING (I realize all we ever do is move right now...but you know what I mean ;) 
I am so excited for this move...! 
I can't wait to cook, clean and just have our own place! Living on the road is fun ... but tiring none the less!  
And for the WHERE... We are moving to the wonderful, warm, sunny Florida. We really love it down here... so much. We have been looking online at some really sweet places... but I am not yet able to tell you exactly where yet! 

Have I mentioned how excited I am about all of this?? 

Monday, February 14, 2011


So, yesterday marked 3 months with my wonderful husband. How amazing have these 3 months been! I can't believe that the rest of my life gets to be spent with him. I love him so much. 
How blessed am I! 

2 days ago, we got a run out of Florida!! Finally! We had so many runs that day it was great... by the end of them we ended up in Albany, New York. It was a pretty neat city. BUT with extremely OVERPRICED hotels. We were planning on getting a room... but it was just ridiculous and the quality of most of them were so poor for the price! 
Anyways, it worked out fine cause we ended up getting a run out of there a few hours after we got there back down to Georgia! Were both excited for the sun again! Plus, the hotels are great for the prices. I can't believe the difference in prices compared to up north. You wouldn't think it would be like that but it is. The difference of gas between Florida and New york was like 35 cents. Crazy. 

So we are headed back down south right now... such a beautiful drive today! 
And couldn't be happier sitting right next to my husband ;) 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, its been a long 9 days.
 Lee and I had originally come to Jacksonville to relax and to check out apartments because we were thinking of getting a place here (its supposed to be a good place to be located for our job). 
Our thought was that it would be nice to actually have a home base with this job rather then just living out of our van and in various hotels all of the time. So we got down here on jan 28th...and just got a hotel to chill out for a few days while we searched online for different places. It was pretty difficult at first to find exactly what we were looking for in the price range that we were looking for. Because our wants were pretty picky (well, honestly not really picky). But we wanted a furnished and a month to month lease. The hard part was finding a month to month lease. Some appt. complex's we called actually claimed that it was illegal in the state of florida to do a month to month lease. We thought this seemed weird. But obviously this would not be the case with a private owner. 

Anyways, we were having some trouble so I e-mailed my brother who really knows what he is doing when it comes to craigslist. He gave me some tips and then we found a lot more stuff. We were finding what we wanted for the price that was right for us- it was a nice change. I'm really thankful he told me to change up how I was searching cause it will really come in handy for the future. 
But even though we had way more success the second time around, we actually decided not to get one here. It was really good that we took those 3 days to just relax, cause we really got time to just think about where we were headed and to just talk about things. We did a lot of thinking.... which was very necessary! 

I will soon explain what our next season of life holds- but not yet! 

So... stuck? well, yes... We are SO stuck right  now... going on 10 days of being stuck. Basically, after our 3 days of relaxing at the hotel, we called work and told them that we were available once again- that was on the 1st. We. are. still. here. :( this is honestly unheard of... but I guess thats the way it goes. We have never waited more then 3 days. But right now, I suppose the southern area is just DEAD. So please pray that we get something soon because we really need to start working again. As of now, we have just checked into yet another hotel. It was definitely due... as we have not showered since Monday morning. yuck. But let me just say, I am SO thankful for showers and clean clothes and a nice bed. 

This job really makes me appreciate little things. 

Oh, and its really not TOO bad that were stuck in the only warm place in the country :) 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the beauty of blogging

I have just recently come across some beautiful, inspiring, life-changing blogs and I feel grateful and blessed to have found them. 
 its really an amazing thing to me- the whole idea of blogging.  
how cool that I get to see a glimpse into so many beautiful lives.  
that I get to, in some way, go through life with them. 
there's so much honesty and vulnerability when someone blogs.
 and thats what I think makes it so incredible to me.  
I love meeting new people and I feel like I have so many lives and stories right at my fingertips. 

I've never felt so inspired, encouraged, and challenged to be the best I can be.
to be content and satisfied with the simple joys in life.
just because of some ordinary people sharing a piece of their lives. 

thank you God for beautiful people, and the ability to write. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, I don't think I've mentioned anything about my TOMS!

 Lee got me these beauties for Christmas and I LOVE them. I haven't gotten to wear them too much yet just because we were in Erie for awhile (winter weather is not really ideal for them), and then we were all over the place and it was either snowy or rainy and I didn't want them to get nasty! And then of course we come to Florida and we whipped (I don't think thats the right word) out our flip flops right away. 

But I AM wearing them today and I love them. 

I currently am trying to figure out if I should be wearing socks with them or not. They say it looks really dumb to wear socks with them, but then again I don't want them to get smelly if I wear them without socks... hmm what to do.

For those of you that don't know about TOMS... there really cool. Basically everytime you buy a pair, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child somewhere that doesn't have shoes. Pretty sweet... I'm all for it! I love the look of these too... there so natural looking. And the color of mine is fantastic. There like a earthy sage green color. My hubby's got GOOD taste ;) 

Monday, February 7, 2011


So I've been sort of obsessed with making these things- for absolutely no reason... just for fun (yeah, I know... WAY too much time). I guess you could use them as blogger headers or I don't know. I guess my artistic (ha!) side is coming out a little. I'm having way too much fun making them. Anyways just thought I'd share... I was thinking it would be cool to try to make these with my OWN photography sometime instead of taking random pics off the internet.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What were reading...

Lee and I have an abundant amount of time on our hands- so we decided to channel some of that into reading. We went to the local book store yesterday and each picked out a book. I have not yet gotten to my book, but it was suggested by my cousin who is an avid reader- so I'm sure it will be a good read. It is a murder mystery which is a little different then the usual love story that I typically read... so we shall see!

Lee on the other hand has been busy reading his book (The Lord of the Rings-- typical man book :-P) And he is enjoying it very much. I will also mention that he got the HUGE one that contains all 3 books in one. It's massive.

We both don't read very often. I guess just because of lack of time- or maybe I should say, we just don't make time. But we are definitely taking full advantage of all of the EXTRA time! I will let you all know how the books go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The sunny state...

So, we have been in Florida for about 4 days now. And let me just say, that I can't believe how much the weather really affects me. Like seriously. Being able to go outside whenever and wear whatever without FREEZING your booty off is SO NICE. It's a luxury that I didn't realize how much I loved, missed, and needed. I love the sun. Ha... okay, I realize that most of you already understand this- so anyways...

Lee and I took a few days off of work and came down to Florida to start looking at apartments. We were really impressed with the deals they have down here. Shockingly, and contrary to popular belief.... there really are some great deals down here. But, after spending a lot of time thinking and talking- we've decided to change up our plans a little. Nothing is for sure yet- but we will see what happens! And I will keep you all (although not many, ha) posted when we actually make some permanent plans.

This is the part that I love about our lives, I love living this crazy adventure out with my best friend. I love not knowing what the next year will bring. I love my husbands heart for the Lord and how he only wants to travel down the road that God wants for us. I love his wisdom, and feel honored to call him mine. And, I really am so grateful for the unconditional love that I am shown each and every day by the Lord and by my best friend.