Friday, July 27, 2012

My Birth Journey- part 2

Read part 1 here

We decided to move back to our hometown when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. We thought it would be nice to be close to family for the pregnancy and birth. And also, Lee had a more stable job here. I'm so glad we made that decision, because we seriously found the best midwife ever :) and of course, it's been great being close to family.

My very first appointment was at 14 weeks. I wrote about it here. I remember feeling so nervous- we hadn't had any other appointments up to that point .. and I was just so nervous that there would be something wrong with the baby ..and we wouldn't hear the heartbeat or something.
We got to her place (office, I guess you could call it). It was a small little home in the country. Super cozy and inviting. I loved it the first time I saw it.
Jen (our midwife) was so, so sweet. She offered us tea when we first came in (I feel the need to mention this detail ;)
Once we started talking, I was thrilled that we had found someone that really shared our same views about pregnancy and birth. It was a breath of fresh air.
While we were there, one of her clients came in to give birth. Lee and I never saw the couple.. but we heard their baby's first cry from the room that we were in. It was unreal and such a cool thing. In that moment, I was overwhelmed by how natural, calm, and normal birth could be.
It really solidified that this was how I wanted our baby to come into the world.

Our appointments continued throughout the pregnancy, and they were always something that Lee and I looked forward to (who doesn't look forward to baby appointments??) :)
I was never once harassed about weight gain/loss. In fact, I was never even weighed once! I never had any invasive tests done. It just felt right to let things be natural.
I felt so comfortable knowing that Jen trusted my body to handle a pregnancy all on its own. Really, there was no need to do anything, except just wait for our sweet babe to come!

Jen really and truly became a friend to us. I would call her anytime I ever had a concern or question. She was always so helpful and I knew she would always be there if I needed her. We never felt like a bother to her and she never once made us feel like just another patient.

Lee and I did decide that we wanted to know the gender of our babe. So at 21 weeks, we went in to a imaging center. It was really exciting to find out, but its something that I don't think we'll do again. I've learned a little more about the dangers of ultrasounds, and to me, its just not worth it to expose the baby to something like that for the excitement of something silly like a gender reveal.

Next up.. the day of Jude's birth!

Thank you so much for reading. I've really struggled with how to write all of this. I truly don't want to make anyone upset, but I realize that I need to stay true to what I believe and sometimes that means that people will be upset. And that's okay.
Regardless, I love you all and the blessing you are in my life!


  1. This is such a comforting post!! We're (just barely- 6 weeks!) expecting our first and I'm 1. SO excited to see/hear that little heartbeat. 2. I think it's so great that you weren't weighed. I know it's silly, but that's really not something I'm looking forward to. I think what I'll do is just let it happen, keep exercising, and eat healthy. Whatever weight comes on top of that must be necessary! Love this post. Can't wait to read the rest! Your blog is adorable by the way. Newest reader!

  2. Can't wait for part 3!

  3. I'm getting to the stage now where I think that hospital tests make you more paranoid than being helpful! They keep finding all these little things wrong which I'm sure are just natural for me.

    I wouldn't get a scan just for a gender reveal but we thought that the anomoly scans were important just in case something was wrong and they needed to intervene before birth. Having said that I just trusted them when they said the pros outweighed the cons. Have you got any information on the dangers of scans?