Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When grandma came to visit!

 My mom just left after spending 10 days with us. We had soo much fun... I wish she didn't have to leave! It was so nice having a extra set of hands when Lee was at work. It makes everything feel so much harder now that she's gone!
We went shopping, checked out Temple square, visited the Great Salt Lake, and had so much fun just hanging out together! 
We already can't wait for Grandma's next visit! 

{The great Salt Lake}

{Jude looking at some Bison}

 {Daddy being crazy}

 {Grandma and Jude at the Great Salt Lake}


{Grandma and a chubby Jude}


 {Grandma bought Jude a new stroller and he absolutely loves it!}

 {Great Salt Lake}

Thanks for everything, Grandma. 
Come back soon!! We love you!


  1. Love the pictures - you look so much like your mom!

  2. That photo of J being thrown in the air is amazing! You should frame it! :)