Monday, April 29, 2013

11 months


Yesterday you turned 11 months! Goodness! 

This month has been a doozy.. you went from teething to a runny nose then to a nasty stomach virus then back to a cold and teething! Throw in a bunch of sleepless nights and we're all feeling exhausted. That silly stomach virus scared your mama. It was the first time you've actually been sick sick, and I hated feeling so helpless when my little boy was so sad and miserable. 

But, thank goodness.. it seems like we are finally coming out of the sick tunnel!

Here's a few things about you: 

-You still are not a fan of food. Basically you've only actually eaten a few things.. and you really don't like any of it. But, last week we went to a friends house and I gave you some chocolate frosting off of my cake... and you loved it! You silly boy! I've been trying to get you to eat all kinds of things.. and what do you know.. chocolate frosting takes the win.
Also, just today I gave you some yo-gurt and you didn't hate it.. so that's a step up ;) 

-You think your daddy is hilarious. He has you giggling all the time.. it's just so adorable.

-Whenever you're feeling especially sad and pitiful (which has been a lot lately) you crawl over to me and grab onto my legs until I pick you up. It's the sweetest. 

-You love playing with anything that is not a toy.

-Everyone says that you are the happiest and smiliest baby in the world. And, you really are! That's why it's been especially sad to see you so miserable. 

-You really like men! You seem to gravitate toward them whenever we are somewhere. And you always have tons of fun with them!
(Ha.. I realize this sounds funny.. but you all know what I mean :) 

-You loove to nurse. And I love it too.

-You started this new little smiling thing this month.. it's the biggest smile I've ever seen and it makes your eyes really squinty. You haven't done it for a little while though. But it is so so adorable. Your dad and I both love when you do it.

-You can pull yourself up into a standing position on any furniture (you've been able to do this for a while now).. but you are not walking or standing unassisted yet.

-You are a verrrry fast crawler.

-You hate getting your diaper changed or your clothes put on so much. It's a fight every time, you strong boy! ;)

I can't believe that you are going to be ONE year old next month. My sweet boy, where has the time gone!? I swear it feels like I just gave birth to you yesterday! 

 I love you like crazy my baby Jude,


  1. WOWWWW TIME FLIES! He's about to be 1??? oh my goodness!

  2. HOW is he 11 months already?!?!
    He is cuter than ever!

  3. Bethany, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! So fun to hear from people who read my ramblings about my boring life. :) You have a GORGEOUS little guy in that Jude of yours! Seriously. Those eyes. Lady killers, is what they are. I thought of you today when I was down in the Avenues for a doc appt. I would love to meet you for an outing sometime, if you're up for it! 'Hope you're enjoying a beautiful spring with your little guy.