Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas tree frenzy & our first run!

A few weekends ago Lee and I decided to go and pick out a Christmas tree. (a REAL one!!) Lee has never had one before & my family has only gotten one a few times when I was little. We were both pretty excited  about it. Anyways, just a few days ago we finally got around to decorating it (complete with lights, bows, strings of beads, and our ornaments from childhood years). We had a lot of fun and it looked great! 

So, on Sunday night we were relaxing on the couch in the living room when all of a sudden the whole entire tree completely FELL OVER! It fell over so hard that it broke ornaments! (thankfully they were just bulbs and not ornaments that had some great deal of meaning behind them) There was water and pine needles all over the place. :-/ and our decorating went down the tubes. But its back up again ...and we redecorated it all again. Oh well..... lets hope this doesn't happen again! 

On another note, some of you may know that Lee and I have quit our jobs and are going to be working for a logistics company (thanks, mom!). Basically, we will be driving all over the country transporting different equipment and such to many different states. We are so excited about this- not only will we get to be together when we work, we'll get to go all over the country (something I'm crazy about...if you know me!) 

We are also going to be purchasing a cargo van as it will allow us to be used a lot more because it is a larger vehicle. So if any of you know a good place to look for them- let me know! 

While we are going through the process of buying a van, we are still working for the company by just using our car. So last night, we got our first run! It was out to an area right outside of Pittsburgh. We had a lot of fun- besides the stresses of trying to find a location that would not come up on our GPS! But we managed to get there just fine, and were looking forward to our next one! 


  1. If you are ever in Greensburg area, be sure and look me up. Would love a visit from you two! Love ya, Aunt Sharon