Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For all of you (if any) have been waiting for me to post- I am sorry! I don't plan on leaving this blog unattended for this long- but sometimes I just lose track of time!

Our first Christmas together was great! I really just loved the time that Lee and I got to spend together on Christmas morning. It was simple and relaxing.
We went to Lee's parents house on Christmas day and my family got together the day after Christmas. Both were great & we had a wonderful time with family!

This is cliche...but Christmas has lost its meaning SO MUCH. It really is sad. Wherever you go you hear remarks about how it's almost over, i'm almost done shopping, i can't wait for the stress to stop. Why do we continue to do this to ourselves?

Lee and I were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we got for Christmas. We were very thankful and appreciative. But it is hard for two people that are striving so much for a life of little to accept so much. My heart aches at the thought of so many other people in the world who didn't eat this Christmas, didn't have any water, and who sat alone while I feasted and had a blast with my family. Isn't our purpose to help those IN NEED? Lee and I have gotten to a point where we are drowning in our stuff, we want to give it all away to people that truly need it- because we don't. not at all. We are finally starting to actually do this and it is great! Our lives are SO much more simple when we have less.

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