Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our little health kick

So Lee and I are finally getting rid of our disgusting eating habits. We are DONE with fast food. Because we are on the road ALL of the time now... it has really been brought to our attention how much crap we eat. We are now eating much LESS then we normally ate (and yes, I know I am skinny...but seriously we both ate like pigs)
Honestly, it is pretty hard but I think we have gotten over the hump- and we are eating a lot of fruit for every meal, drinking much more water, and snacking way less.
We both feel so much better even in this short time of doing this. It's amazing what REAL food can do for you.
I'm excited about our new little "life-change".

And today... Lee was doing push-ups in the back of the van..... someone's motivated! :-)

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  1. mmm...I agree. It doesn't take long to grow tired of fast-food...or even restaurant food for that matter. There's just something about a home-cooked meal...I guess it's the lack of processing!

    It always makes me wonder how people actually DO eat fast food every day?!! Yes, it's cheap, but so are LOTS of healthier options!