Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The sunny state...

So, we have been in Florida for about 4 days now. And let me just say, that I can't believe how much the weather really affects me. Like seriously. Being able to go outside whenever and wear whatever without FREEZING your booty off is SO NICE. It's a luxury that I didn't realize how much I loved, missed, and needed. I love the sun. Ha... okay, I realize that most of you already understand this- so anyways...

Lee and I took a few days off of work and came down to Florida to start looking at apartments. We were really impressed with the deals they have down here. Shockingly, and contrary to popular belief.... there really are some great deals down here. But, after spending a lot of time thinking and talking- we've decided to change up our plans a little. Nothing is for sure yet- but we will see what happens! And I will keep you all (although not many, ha) posted when we actually make some permanent plans.

This is the part that I love about our lives, I love living this crazy adventure out with my best friend. I love not knowing what the next year will bring. I love my husbands heart for the Lord and how he only wants to travel down the road that God wants for us. I love his wisdom, and feel honored to call him mine. And, I really am so grateful for the unconditional love that I am shown each and every day by the Lord and by my best friend.


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  2. I love you guys. The End. Your journey is going to be incredible, and the adventure you are on is EXACTLY how I want Nate and I to end up. Loving and admiring you guys always...<3 Hal