Friday, July 1, 2011

L&B Mugs from Anthro

So, I said yesterday that we went to Anthro for the first time a few days ago 
The thing that I think all of us girls loved most were these adorable mugs that we found 
They had all different colors and letters and were so so cute 
I love mugs 
but even better... mugs that have letters on them! 
I didn't buy ... BUT I did take a few pictures, just as good, right? ;)

and believe it or not they weren't $100 .... just $50 

ha... just kidding they were only $8 


  1. those are really cute :) i love mugs, too, because I love warm drinks - coffee, cocoa, tea, you name it :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! I love your story, your style and your life. Thanks for sharing and having such an adorable blog! You've got me hooked! Ohh and those mugs are very cute!!


  3. love those mugs ... and i love anthro ... i do the same go and look but not a whole lotta buying :) and thanks for finding my blog ... love yours as well ... can;t wait to start reading more!

  4. I want all of my kitchen to be outfitted by Anthro.... Oh my, that would be the day!


  5. So cute! love anthro:) your blog is so cute! new follower coming your way!
    i can't wait to read more!

    xo, kelsey cole

  6. VERY cute mugs! I would've definitely had a hard time not buying the one with a "b" on it. =)

  7. i love everything they sell. all of it. i'll take it all.