Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another visit!

Hello! I've missed all you guys! 

So ... I had such a good time with the girls this past week! 
The older I get the more I realize how much I love 'girl time'. There's nothing like having a good conversation with fellow females. ;) 
It makes me sad that they don't live closer... but definitely makes me appreciate the little time I get with them!

I really didn't get many pictures :( 
I know... I haven't been myself lately in the picture department. I'm just busy having too much fun! 

We spent our days relaxing mostly, swimming lots, talking for endless hours, & playing tons of games. 
We actually did go to Anthropologie. It was my first time ever going there.
And my, they have some adorable stuff!
 I, of course, didn't buy anything. I think that will be my new just LOOKING store.
 A little too expensive for my taste.

This was my cousins FIRST time seeing the ocean!!! 
So that was exciting. 
I'm glad we could be the reason she got to see it :) 

I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with them

Love you both! 

Oh yes, I almost forgot... There names are Hannah and Bethany. 
Hannah specifically asked to be mentioned by name
Haha ;)


  1. So glad you got spend some time with them! I love visits! And that was your cousin's first time to see the ocean? Wow. I guess the idea is a little odd to me since I basically grew up next to the beach.

  2. Anthropology is my "just looking" store too. That is... unless there's a sale! =D

  3. So glad that you had a great time! Anthropology is my online-looking store. I like to lust after the clothes, but I can't bring myself to purchase them. Too much money.

  4. LOVE girl time! Anthro is my window shopping store too:-) xoxo

  5. time with your girlfriends {and family} is the best! anthropologie is pretty great too--I just watch out for good sales there normally! so happy to have stumbled on your blog :) God bless! xoxo {av}

  6. I was going to say I couldn't believe a female in the US had never been to Anthropologie, but then the first trip the ocean threw me. HOW EXCITING for your cousin!! and you!
    Anthro is amazing. I mostly look on their website for ideas & then try to copycat them b/c it is way too expensive for me too, even on sale usually!

  7. It sounds like you all had a great time. I don't live near Anthropologie and have never been there either, I'm guessing it would be a "window shopping" kind of store for me anyway haha