Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 months on the road...

So I got to thinking... I don't think many of you know anything about our 3 months on the road. I blogged about it while it was happening, but that was before I had found all of you! ;) 
(actually you can go look at some of the posts if you go through my blog archive, it was months January, February, & March...) 

Lee and I spent 3 months living out of a big, white cargo van, traveling around the country. We would go days without showering... sometimes even a week. We would drive hours/days at one time. Home cooked meals were non-existent. We slept sitting straight up in the driver and passenger seats most nights. Sometimes, if it was warm enough, we would sleep in the back of the van on our air mattress, and all the other nights we would stay at a hotel (we had to have showers eventually!)

Now, before you think were crazy, strange people... we WERE getting paid! AND got to experience all of these things :)
 ha.. still think were crazy? thats ok ;) 
Basically, we were couriers, transporting LARGE skids of who knows what all over the country. 
(ok. I know what they were. They were skids of like General Electric parts and stuff like that... basically, big chunks of metal)

Living on the road is something I wouldn't trade for anything. We had SO much fun. So many memories and so many times together that we'll never forget. 
I think my favorite part of being '"homeless" was the joy we would experience when we would finally get to shower after days of being dirty and gross. Or the feeling of putting on clean clothes after being in the same clothes for WAY too long. Or when we would lay down, and get to stretch out, in a warm bed for the first time in several days. Or how exciting it was to get to our destination after 24+ hours of driving. 
The little things meant SO much to us. 
We learned that everything we are given is a precious gift. One to be so grateful for. 

Even now, were both reminded often how blessed we are to get a shower each morning, and to get a bed to lay on at night.

The Lord really humbled us in those months. We would walk into a mall/store/anywhere and get some unfriendly stares, (we weren't the cleanest looking people). It was uncomfortable, but we truly learned that the outward appearance doesn't matter to the Lord, it's our hearts.

It was a growing experience for both of us. We learned to be content with little. Something that I hope is always apart of us.  

So, thank you, 3 months on the road, for all the valuable life lessons you taught us, we really couldn't have learned these things nearly as well without you. 




  1. so funny ... but so cool that you got to see a lot of our country ... love it though!

  2. What a great experience!

    I love things like that...when you're doing it sometimes you just feel like it's awful and hard, but it makes so many fun memories!

  3. that's pretty amazing! I'd love to hear the stories of the memories made!

  4. How fun! Those are memories you will hold forever!

  5. Wow, what a cool experience! It's neat that you learned so much from it.

  6. Wow,you guys are brave! So fun!

  7. This is so so so cool! And very very inspiring to me! :) Looks like you guys had a blast! I want to do this someday!


  8. Love this! Those moments in our lives are truly precious. I love remembering early on in my marriage how we didn't have much money for food and the meals I would make with so simple ingredients. The challenge was fun! I enjoyed that time. I wouldn't trade it for anything!