Monday, September 26, 2011

Out my window

One of my favorite things about our little apartment is the big window that sits right in front of our kitchen table. 
Sometimes, when Lee is at work I just sit at our table with a warm drink and frequently gaze out of it.
I find a strange sense of happiness and peace whenever I do 
There is a great big tree that I can see when I look out that window. It might be silly, but it feels like its my tree. 
Sometimes you can see the rays of the very tip of the sun setting. It's beautiful
I love to watch the bikers, joggers, families with small children on evening strolls trotting along the sidewalk
I love to look at how different every person is. 
Different paces.
Different goals. 
Different ideas. 
Different people. 

Were so different, but were sort of the same.

It's comforting and encouraging to know that were all in this life together.
 Each and every one of us has feelings, has hurts, feels pain

I love looking out that window
It's one thing I will surely miss when our time here is over, but something I won't forget 
It's a comfort that I don't take for granted


  1. Sounds so peaceful!!! :) I love people watching! I could do it everyday!!

  2. Window gazing is fun sometimes, isn't it? =)

  3. I have a tree outside as well. I stare at it many times.

    I'm glad you enjoy the little things as much as I do too

  4. There's nothing like gazing out the window and watching everyone go by or the sun crossing the sky. I do it frequently and love it!

    Thanks for coming over my way, today. Hope you like the rest of my story, as I tell it. :)

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

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  11. beautiful. love it. :) (i gaze out of windows often too)

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  14. I love your story! I'mexcited to get to know you on your blog. Following you from Soleil Selene.

  15. I love big windows. I miss that about my parents house. I wouldn't dare open our front window and let all our creepy neighbors look in! (Shudder.)

  16. absolutely BEAUTIFUL word...reading that honestly, made my night <3 Miss much.

  17. I bet that you get so awesome sunrises and sunsets!!! I just found your blog and I really enjoy reading it! Can't wait to get to know you! Hope you'll come visit my blog!!! :)