Monday, February 13, 2012

This weekend...

 was quite an eventful one... 

On Saturday morning I went with my mom and sister-in-law to a knitting/crochet convention down in Pittsburgh. There was some really awesome stuff there! It was fun to look at everything and I got some super nice yarn for a good price. It feels so warm and soft.. its 50% alpaca and 50% wool. I think I'll try and make a little winter hat for baby out of it :)

After the convention we stopped at the Grove City outlets and went totally crazy buying baby clothes at Carter's!!! I hardly had gotten anything for the little one yet.. but after Saturday I've got lots of adorable things.. (thanks Grandma for spoiling this little boy already ;) 
Here's a few of the cute cute things we got for him... how about those straight leg jeans?!
 I can't stop looking at his clothes.. so precious and so tiny!! 

And then... the really eventful/not so fun part.... 
Lee and I were headed to my parents house for dinner when we got rear-ended by another car. It was pretty scary, and the result... our car is totaled. *Sigh. But, on the bright side... I truly am so thankful that were all okay! 
Such a bummer though.. we loved this car. It had 302,000 some miles on it and it was still going strong.  We were starting to think that it was never gonna die! 

I figured after an event like that, I had the perfect excuse to bake some yummy muffins ;) So, last night I made these awesome apple cinnamon muffins from The Comfort of Cooking. They turned out sooo yummy. 

Hope your weekend went a little differently then mine did!! Maybe just a little less eventful ;) 


  1. Awe, I am sorry about your car. :(
    I love the yarn though, so pretty!

  2. Sorry about your car, but so glad you two are safe! I could totally go for one of those muffins right now! =D

  3. Sorry to hear about your car :( I hate car accidents, they're so scary!

  4. I'm sorry about the car. :( That's tough.

    I just tagged you in a questionnaire on my blog!

  5. Wow nothing like a car wreck to ruin your weekend. I hope today is a much better day. You have a great blog :)

  6. Oh, no!! I'm so glad everyone was ok, there's nothing scarier than the second you realize you've been hit (we had to go through that a year ago and I was pregnant too, which made it extra scary)! I love your blog, the background pattern is so awesome!

  7. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :) sorry about the car! i know that i treat my car like its my baby!

  8. Oh wow those pictures of the car look alarming. So glad to hear you are ok. BTW, the baby clothes are so adorable. I cant imagine how exciting it must be to have a little cute baby growing inside of you... Congratulations! :)

  9. Knitting/Crochet convention sounds fun! That yarn looks lovely too :)