Monday, February 6, 2012

What I struggle with...

It would be pretty easy to make it look like I am always a sweet, respectful, kind, happy, and loving person. In fact, I think maybe I have made it look that way sometimes on here. 
But truth be told, I'm not. Not even close.
If you could see me when something doesn't go as planned.. or when I just don't get things my way.. I think maybe you'd question what kind of person I really am. 
It's not really a flattering thing to admit that you struggle with anger or impatience. But flattering or not, those are two things that I have to work really hard on. Staying calm has never been my strong suit. 
 I think that your character flaws and what you struggle with really comes out when things get crazy. It's easy to be a loving person when everything is going right.. but its in the twists and turns of life that really puts your character to the test. 
I fully believe that the only way to make ourselves better is to be fully saturated in the Word and to be in constant prayer. We can't change by ourselves.. I've tried so many times to do it alone and it never lasts. 
It's amazing to me that God is able to take a crummy sinner like me and change me into something glorifying to Him. 
The tricky part is that we must be willing to be changed. 

Are you?


  1. Bethany, I struggle with the same thing - getting angry or annoyed too easily. I love this post because you are right - thank goodness we have Jesus to turn to, because we can't change by ourselves! I know He's still working on me.

  2. Wow. This is so beautiful. We all have weaknesses and sins that are rooted deep. It's in the hard times that we are squeezed and what's inside comes out. Man, it's not cool to see it sometimes! I've never been a very patient person either. I like things my way. It just makes grace all the more amazing. Thank you for sharing this today girl! Love ya!

  3. Thank you for being honest! I also struggle with my emotions as well. Many bloggers won't admit this, their upcomings, but you have. Greta post :)