Friday, March 18, 2011


i've been feeling SO excited lately. i love being so young and being married, i love how many awesome things lee and i are going to do in this lifetime, and i love all of the new things that are happening in our lives everyday.
 its like a new life- it feels great. 

i constantly find myself smiling for no reason :) 

we were in chicago yesterday... and now in new york.
 still traveling like crazy people... its so fun. 
but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't SO looking forward to moving to florida and getting our very own apartment... !!!!! 
how wonderful will this be?! 
have a good weekend! 

our honeymoon: isla mujeres 


  1. Hi Bethany! This is sooo random, I just came across your blog and realized that we had Mass Media together last year at Malone! I had no idea you were married, that is so exciting!! Congrats girl! P.S. Your blog is quite adorable! =)

  2. This is so funny! Because I totally read your blog!! :) I loved your wedding pics!!! Such a awesome and beautiful wedding! :) And yes... we got married last November... don't you love being married?!