Tuesday, March 22, 2011

beautiful weather

so were in the beautiful peachtree city, georgia & loving every second of it! 
the weather here is BEAUTIFUL. seriously... i forgot what sunshine felt like. 
i am so happy we are moving down to this beauteous weather. 
lee and i have been spending a lot of our time outside [when were not driving] ;) 
it's been in the 80's since we got here. 

anyways, we have decided on where we are going to be moving in fl:
we will be headed to clearwater beach very soon!
were so looking forward to settling in somewhere. 

so, we will be on our way to erie very shortly... we are definitely looking forward to that. 

so many things to look forward to! 

for now... i'll just soak up every second of this relaxing, crazy lifestyle. 

hope your day was great! 

for the amount of traveling that we do... i think this would be awesome!
found this great picture on a blog i follow
check out her blog... i love it! 

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  1. Georgia is definitely on my list of to visit! Lucky you! Great way to display maps, isn't it?!! Thanks for the link love girl!