Tuesday, March 8, 2011


ok... time to post about things that I am SO looking forward to! 

-First of all, I'm excited to go to PA soon to see family and friends one last time before we move! 

And after that.... 

- I can't WAIT to get an apartment & and all the things this includes (showers, cooking, sleeping in a bed)
-so excited for home cooking! ahhh fresh, real food... what's that? 
-I am so looking forward to the warm weather (obviously)
-I can't wait to find a church where we will be living and get involved in something there! 
-I can't wait to meet new people/couples... it's about time we found some other young married people! 
-soo looking forward to being healthier... it is very difficult when you live out of a van and SIT for a living ;)

I've said it a million times... but I feel so much more grateful for little things because of the past few months! 
You all should try it......... ;) 

p.s.- i hope you guys read my last post... if you didn't, go do it-

it's so powerful


  1. Can't wait to see you and Lee ! Do you have a date in mind yet, as to when you are coming this way ?
    There's so much going on in April and I don't want to miss seeing you. I really enjoy reading your blogs, keep sending them ! love Mimi♥

  2. we don't have a specific date.... it should be around the beginning of april. its coming up soon! yes, we want to see you!!
    thanks for reading, mimi!
    love to you!