Saturday, March 12, 2011

four years ago today...

lee asked me to be his girlfriend!  

i'm not sure if most people keep track of a date like this... but its something neither of us will ever forget. 
looking back i can't believe how young we were! 

i can still remember the exact way i felt during those few days leading up to him asking me and the many many days after. 
i was such a giddy girl... sort of like how i still am now :) 
i remember being soo excited for the next school day
oddly enough, the next school day our class was going to see cadavers for our science class at a hospital type place...
 ha! how strange. that this happened at around the same time. 

i always sort of pride myself on the fact that lee and i ended up married. 
the whole time that we dated we were told by teachers/ friends/ seemed like everyone at the time that we would never last. that high school relationships were silly. 
this was discouraging. 

but when you know somethings real...
you gotta go for it-
and thats just what we did

i'm so glad my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend :) 
& that i get to spend forever with him

lee and i in our younger years 

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  1. Funny, we were told,"it will never last" almost twenty five years ago, we will be celebrating our twenty fourth anniversary in April~ Enjoy your special day !
    much love,