Saturday, February 5, 2011

What were reading...

Lee and I have an abundant amount of time on our hands- so we decided to channel some of that into reading. We went to the local book store yesterday and each picked out a book. I have not yet gotten to my book, but it was suggested by my cousin who is an avid reader- so I'm sure it will be a good read. It is a murder mystery which is a little different then the usual love story that I typically read... so we shall see!

Lee on the other hand has been busy reading his book (The Lord of the Rings-- typical man book :-P) And he is enjoying it very much. I will also mention that he got the HUGE one that contains all 3 books in one. It's massive.

We both don't read very often. I guess just because of lack of time- or maybe I should say, we just don't make time. But we are definitely taking full advantage of all of the EXTRA time! I will let you all know how the books go!