Wednesday, February 16, 2011

change of plans!

Plans... what are those? 
Quite frankly, I enjoy living an unplanned life.

But, yes... we do have some sort of a plan and I am eager to share it with all of you!  
We have decided that Lee will be going back to school to finish up a degree. He will be going online (which is so awesomely flexible by the way). He will be a full time student and will start in, I believe, May of this year. Also, we are really happy with the online programs we have found. The flexibility is great and he will be finishing quicker this way. He has been accepted to one school so far that he applied to and we are awaiting to hear from the other one. 
yay for lee!

We are still very much going to pursue our missionary plans. And we have been looking into some really great opportunities over seas and are SO excited for where this degree is going to take us. 

Now for what I consider the really exciting news!
 We are going to be MOVING (I realize all we ever do is move right now...but you know what I mean ;) 
I am so excited for this move...! 
I can't wait to cook, clean and just have our own place! Living on the road is fun ... but tiring none the less!  
And for the WHERE... We are moving to the wonderful, warm, sunny Florida. We really love it down here... so much. We have been looking online at some really sweet places... but I am not yet able to tell you exactly where yet! 

Have I mentioned how excited I am about all of this?? 


  1. mmm...i heard through the grapevine that you were looking at a really gorgeous part of florida. Fun times! Settling down is always so relaxing and a whole different way from traveling!

    I know Nick asked you all to swing our way, hope we can see you soon!

  2. man thats great! keep perusing Jesus and it will be no problem :) love you guys