Monday, February 14, 2011


So, yesterday marked 3 months with my wonderful husband. How amazing have these 3 months been! I can't believe that the rest of my life gets to be spent with him. I love him so much. 
How blessed am I! 

2 days ago, we got a run out of Florida!! Finally! We had so many runs that day it was great... by the end of them we ended up in Albany, New York. It was a pretty neat city. BUT with extremely OVERPRICED hotels. We were planning on getting a room... but it was just ridiculous and the quality of most of them were so poor for the price! 
Anyways, it worked out fine cause we ended up getting a run out of there a few hours after we got there back down to Georgia! Were both excited for the sun again! Plus, the hotels are great for the prices. I can't believe the difference in prices compared to up north. You wouldn't think it would be like that but it is. The difference of gas between Florida and New york was like 35 cents. Crazy. 

So we are headed back down south right now... such a beautiful drive today! 
And couldn't be happier sitting right next to my husband ;) 


  1. Congratulations!

    Have you read SouleMama's ( blog yet? It's pretty much THE blog in my opinion and there are always so many gorgeous pictures. It's very wintery right now, but I imagine that looking at snow pictures from someplace warm is fun ;-)

  2. Thank you! I will have to go and check it out :) I love finding new blogs.
    And yes... it is quite enjoyable to look at snow from a warm place ;)