Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, its been a long 9 days.
 Lee and I had originally come to Jacksonville to relax and to check out apartments because we were thinking of getting a place here (its supposed to be a good place to be located for our job). 
Our thought was that it would be nice to actually have a home base with this job rather then just living out of our van and in various hotels all of the time. So we got down here on jan 28th...and just got a hotel to chill out for a few days while we searched online for different places. It was pretty difficult at first to find exactly what we were looking for in the price range that we were looking for. Because our wants were pretty picky (well, honestly not really picky). But we wanted a furnished and a month to month lease. The hard part was finding a month to month lease. Some appt. complex's we called actually claimed that it was illegal in the state of florida to do a month to month lease. We thought this seemed weird. But obviously this would not be the case with a private owner. 

Anyways, we were having some trouble so I e-mailed my brother who really knows what he is doing when it comes to craigslist. He gave me some tips and then we found a lot more stuff. We were finding what we wanted for the price that was right for us- it was a nice change. I'm really thankful he told me to change up how I was searching cause it will really come in handy for the future. 
But even though we had way more success the second time around, we actually decided not to get one here. It was really good that we took those 3 days to just relax, cause we really got time to just think about where we were headed and to just talk about things. We did a lot of thinking.... which was very necessary! 

I will soon explain what our next season of life holds- but not yet! 

So... stuck? well, yes... We are SO stuck right  now... going on 10 days of being stuck. Basically, after our 3 days of relaxing at the hotel, we called work and told them that we were available once again- that was on the 1st. We. are. still. here. :( this is honestly unheard of... but I guess thats the way it goes. We have never waited more then 3 days. But right now, I suppose the southern area is just DEAD. So please pray that we get something soon because we really need to start working again. As of now, we have just checked into yet another hotel. It was definitely due... as we have not showered since Monday morning. yuck. But let me just say, I am SO thankful for showers and clean clothes and a nice bed. 

This job really makes me appreciate little things. 

Oh, and its really not TOO bad that were stuck in the only warm place in the country :) 

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  1. I will pray for you two that everything will just work out, and He will keep both of you safe wherever you go. Love you!