Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All things {WHOLE} food

well, i don't know if any of you remember that blog post a lonnggg time ago about lee and i deciding to start eating healthy. 
yeah, that didn't work out so well living on the road. 
it totally failed... and so did the exercising idea too. 

SO... we decided that when the time came that we actually moved in to an apartment we would rid of all of our nasty eating habits. and actually be healthy. 

not a diet. 
but a lifestyle change. 

so the time has come-
and moving to Naples was a GREAT place to start, 
because you see, 
just 5 miles away there is a HUGE whole foods store. i mean HUGE. 
you should have seen me when i saw it for the first time while we were driving by.
 i flipped! 
it's sweet on the outside and incredible on the inside- 
so trust me.. you're going to be hearing a lot about this place :) 

anyways, lee and i are going full out on this. 
were following a 'lifestyle eating plan' that lee found online & the guy is genius. 

so, from here on out all of our food will be from the lovely whole foods store
{which contains ORGANIC everything} 
no more preservatives or hormones or crap that they put in EVERYTHING

so, as i'm sure you can imagine, 
our kitchen is full of organic goodness- 
we love it! 

{p.s. i'll be posting things i've been making with all these organic foods soon!!}

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