Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update from the crazies!

I'm back again! 

who knows for how long... but we'll see ;) 

well, for starters.... we have LEFT clearwater/ tampa area
you all probably think were crazies.... oh wait, we are!
we drove 2 1/2 hours FURTHER south {yahoo!} to the beautiful city of NAPLES 
we L O V E it here. 
its so much different then the tampa area... 
& its definitely more suitable for our future plans
were so excited to be here! 

for those of you that don't know, we came to Naples to sort of follow the company that we used to work for in erie, they moved here a few months ago and we are eagerly waiting to start working for them locally-
 when they gets things set up and ready for us to work

but for the time being, lee and i landed ourselves {ok, we didn't do it... it was GOD} jobs at a small non-profit organization- 
basically were tele-marketers... you know the people that you all love so much ;) 
ha.. i think its pretty funny were doing this, but hey we make money, get to be TOGETHER while we work, & there's no uniform! 
we just started on monday... and its been going well. 
in all of our competitiveness, lee and i are LOVING this. we've started a new thing where we see who can get the first call of the night and who can get the most calls to donate, and so on. 
and whoever wins gets a prize. its really pretty fun. 
unfortunately, i must report that lee kicked my butt last night... 
and he won the back massage :( 
i'll beat him today! 

anyways, apartment wise, its been crazy. 
we thought we had the perfect one picked out but God saved us in the nick of time
were SO thankful we saw the things we did RIGHT before our purchase. 
He cares for us so much! 

I'm so excited to announce that it looks like we have another great one picked out, and we will be finding out SOON if we get it or not. 
Hopefully we can be all moved in before Easter! :) 

Anyways this week I've learned, God really actually KNOWS me. 
I mean, he gave lee and i both a job, but not just that, He gave us a job TOGETHER. 
I guess He knows just how inseparable we really are :) 

well, if i don't get on before- 
happy easter everyone! 

be blessed!

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