Monday, April 25, 2011

New apartment w/ pics!

Lee and I are all moved in to our apartment! 
let me just say... we LOVE it! 
its perfect. i honestly love everything about it... its so fresh and new.
 the windows are so big so its always so bright and happy in here! 

basically we live in a rather large community, its really great.
 we get full access to a really large pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts (i think), and even laundry and dryers! 
we live on the second floor... but have a private door. 
our bedroom is a great size.. and has a WALK IN closet... never had one of those before! 
our bathroom is semi-small but is still cute. 
the kitchen is my FAVORITE part... i LOVE the little bar thing/ open floor plan... i love feeling like i'm not trapped away in some back room while i cook, and also i can talk to lee while he's in the living room.
there's a little hard-wooded area for a table right off of the kitchen.
the living room is rather large and very sunny!
we also get an awesome little screened in lanai/ deck thing- which i really like! its perfect for chairs and a little table- i'd love to eat out there!

here's some pictures of our perfect little place:
{excuse our mess & the lack of furniture ;) }
{you can click on pictures to make them larger}

{living room/ kitchen/ deck}

{other side of the living room/ kitchen counter}

{deck/ living room}

{little kitchen table area}

{kitchen/ kitchen table area}


{kitchen view from living room}

{bedroom... we just bought this elevated air mattress... i didn't know they made them that thick!}

thats all for now! were really excited to get some furniture for this place & to make it our own! 

as of late, i've been loving my kitchen & cooking a lot! 
post to come soon of what i've been making! 

hope everyone had a great easter! 
i know lee and i did! :)

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