Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter dinner

we didn't have the typical easter dinner- 
but here's what we had: 

Cajun Grilled Shrimp with Brown Rice Noodles and grilled Asparagus: 

now, i'm not a pro chef by any means...
i'm really just learning everything, so excuse me if i don't always use proper cooking lingo in my cooking posts ;) 

anyways, this really did turn out good. 
& its healthy too! 

the noodles i used were brown rice noodles {for their health value}, i was excited to see how these would taste opposed to just regular noodles. and there super good & healthy! they weren't soggy or anything.... although i didn't cook them quite long enough
 {like i said, i'm new}

the shrimp was wild caught & deveined when i bought it.. the price wasn't bad on these either.
while they were still raw i covered them with cajun seasoning  
to cook them, i used walnut oil {i used this because it keeps its health value even when it's heated in high temperatures & it tastes great too!} i put sea salt and a rather large amount of ground pepper on these. & then more cajun seasoning for spiciness & flavor, while they were cooking- 
they didn't take too long to cook, but i kept them in there until they were brown and had a grilled look to them. 
they were SO good! 

the asparagus was good too, 
i just cooked them in walnut oil, then added sea salt and fresh ground pepper,
 i also threw in some flax seeds,
and kept them in the pan on low until the noodles and the shrimp were done
they turned out really crispy and yummy 

thats it! 
so easy, quick, and tasty! 

{my camera's not the best... but i promise these things taste better then they may look!}


  1. Mmmm...asparagus is one of Nick and I's favorite veggies...sooo good roasted in the oven. I coat the with olive oil, sea salt, and a bit of pepper and broil for a few minutes. Then add butter...SO yummy.

    Have you checked out Weston A. Price for nutrition info? And, the book Nourishing Traditions is absolutely AMAZING although every idea in it requires lots of pre-planning.

  2. sounds excellent! i need to try roasting them in the oven. we love asparagus too!!

    i'm gonna have to check out weston a. price- i'm loving any material on nutrition right now!

    so happy you've got a blog again!