Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wonderful saturday

Today, lee and i went out to explore our new little town 
first, we went to the waterfront shops... it was so pretty there & really fun to look at-
basically it was a TON of really rich rich big name stores ...
 it was kind of fun to make fun of the prices... 
there was a sale going on at some really high end clothes shop for men & it was 3 polo's for 120 dollars.

we also finally made our way to the beach! 
we've been so busy and just haven't gotten to the beach here yet-
the beach we ended up going to was fantastic, like seriously... i couldn't believe we were in the states. 
it seemed like something from a different country !

 in order to get to the beach from the parking lot you have to go on this half mile bridge type 
thing & its so pretty!
 its all surrounded by trees and woods, it awesome.
so we decided to walk it the way there... but took the free little trolly ride on the way back :) 

the beach was incredible- as soon as we got there we looked out and saw a DOLPHIN swimming pretty close to the shore ... it was awesome! unfortunately, we didn't actually see the dolphin just the fin (is that what you call it??)  but it was so cool! 
 and then right after that, while we were swimming, we saw like FIFTEEN sting rays swimming in a pack RIGHT BESIDE US! we flipped out! 
i'm loving all the wildlife :) 

i wish i had pictures, but i didn't have my camera with me- 
next time!

tonight, for dinner, we went to a cute little restaurant.. it was super yummy & we TRIED to make healthy decisions :)

it was such a wonderful day- 
i feel like i live in paradise!

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