Friday, June 17, 2011

And the brother visits...

So, I've been missing from the blog world this past week! I missed you all! 
But I have a good excuse, 
my little brother flew in from PA to visit us! 

We had soo much fun 
It was so great spending quality time with just him 

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures... 
Between forgetting my camera practically every place we went & my brother hating pictures being taken of him... I just didn't get too many ;) 

{I promise I'm still taller than him... another reason why I shouldn't slouch!}

{check out this sweet picture!}

spent TONS of time at the pool 
perfected our dives {ok, the boys actually did this}
went to the beach & saw dolphins!
played some good ol' putt putt {which, I must say, I beat them both} ;) 
ate a lot of strawberry/ chocolate crepes
went out to eat 
had plenty of heart to hearts 
laughed lots
got seriously 'sun-kissed'... oops!
played games 
watched movies 

& had an awesomely fantastic time with our bro! 


  1. dolphins? pool time? strawberry chocolate crepes? sounds like a good visit to me!

  2. How fun! My fam is coming this weekend! Yay! And you beat them in put-put? Awesome.

  3. Looks like fun! I've yet to get to the pool and June will be coming to end here soon! Your post just reminded me to get on the ball! =D