Wednesday, June 1, 2011

crocheting & a letter from Rome

So, I'm learning how to crochet!
I got this really random urge to learn how to do it a few days ago...

 So, I bought some crochet hooks & picked out some pretty yarn yesterday, 
and of course got some youtube help,
and ever since I've been crocheting away ;) 
It's actually really fun
I've been in serious need of some type of hobby!

First project= a blanket... {i know, I'm adventurous}

I'm really just sort of making it up as I go... I mean its a square, how could I mess up? 
Knowing me, I may be able to find a way ;) 
But we'll see how it turns out


Yesterday we got something in the mail from a friend from college,
He is in ROME for a college trip & He sent us a postcard! 

How cool! 
Now I can say I've gotten a letter from Rome!  

Ahh I still love seeing our names written together on mail :)

Happy JUNE to all of you! 
Time flies when your blissfully in love...


  1. I need to learn how to crochet! I've been meaning to forever. I love the color you picked out!

    And ROME!!! How cool is that. I think i'd keep it on my fridge for a very long time ;)

  2. I love to chrochet! I used to make scarves :) I need to learn to knit soon.

  3. Looks like your blanket is coming along nicely :) a letter from Rome, how cool is that! :)

  4. Getting anything in the mail is exciting! Snail mail should make a comeback in my opinion =) Hope the blanket turns out great. Last time I tried to crochet I failed horribly =D