Saturday, June 18, 2011

He's my Dad

I'm pretty much the luckiest girl ever when it comes to my Dad 
I'm so thankful to have had such a pure Godly example in my life all of these years

My Dad...
Is super funny 
Always played games with us growing up {remember ball tag, mini golf, trouble, 500 rummy... and the list goes on...}
Would read to me every night when I was little {I'll never forget Pippy Longstocking} :)
Would stay up late with me and watch TV when I got older 
Has always been calm, loving, and understanding 
Is so smart
Is the hardest worker I know
Is extremely generous
Loves the Lord & has always shown that through his actions
Is the BEST Dad ever... I mean that!

One thing I am so grateful to my Dad for is that he showed me how a man should love and treat his wife. My Dad has always showered my mom with love, always treated her with the utmost respect, always has provided for her, & has always stood by her side through everything. 
Because of his example, I knew what to look for in a husband-
and I found a pretty amazing one-
I owe it all to my Dad

The older I get the more I realize what a role model my Dad is for me. Often, I find myself thinking 'what would he do?' or 'how would he do it?'. I trust his opinion. He is one of the few that I really look up to.
 I know that if my Dad says it's good, then it's good. 

I'm so thankful to call you my Dad 
I love you so much, Daddy-o


  1. Aww, beautiful. I'm lucky to have had a Dad as amazing that too. I couldn't have asked for a better person to call Dad.

  2. Reading, playing, working, being an example & loving just wouldn't have been the same without my precious daughter. Thank you & I love you more.

  3. Sounds like an amazing man =D Hope you both get to celebrate Father's day in a special way today! =D

  4. what a beautiful post! just stumbled upon your blog, it's lovely! :)

  5. I feel the same way about my Dad! He definitely showed me how a man should love and treat his wife as well....along with a million other things. I'm so thankful!

  6. Aren't dads just great? It's funny how we all think we got the best one :)