Sunday, May 29, 2011

He is never changing

Today at church I was reminded of something that I always seem to lose sight of,
But it's a truth that I always find so much joy in:

God does not change. 
And He does not fail.


In all my humanness, it is so hard for me to really understand this truth 

When I fail to read the Word, when I fail to talk to Him, when I fail to BE like Him

He doesn't change. 

How comforting to serve a God that doesn't change His mind
How comforting it is to serve a God that is not fickle

He is eternal, He is the same. 

No matter how selfish I am, He doesn't change 

No matter how much I put Him off, 
He's STILL there. 

I change so much, one day I feel one way & the next I feel another 
But He is constant
He is steadfast

This truth has brought me comfort beyond belief. 

On a side note, I realized something else today:
{I know, I'm on a role today!}

All of our formality has caused us to lose our sincerity

Isn't this so true?
In our churches, schools, & just life in general 
We are so obsessed with making everything fit into a box,
 we want everything to follow 'our' rules 

I always get a picture in my head of an African village singing and praising God in the middle of a field, 
No building, 
No structure,
No timed services,  
Just God. 

How beautiful this is! 

My prayer is that America will lose its obsession with formality,
 and just maybe start obsessing about the sincerity of our worship, of our education,
& of our lives


  1. oh my gosh, i just found your blog... AND I LOVE IT. it is stinkin adorable. the cuteness just oozes.

  2. How beautiful...I really love this post. It's so true and it's something we all need to think of more. People are so set on keeping things "the same as we always have" and they can't accept change as it comes. Change isn't always a bad thing, and it keeps us fresh with our spirituality as well I think. Very inspiring thoughts in your post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this post. following your blog for sure :)