Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 months of marriage

Yesterday was our 6 MONTH anniversary. 
I can't believe its been that long!
It has seriously been the best time of our lives,
I love him so much

Lee planned out a wonderful day for us, 
we had a ton of fun, plus the weather was beautiful. {kind of like it is everyday here :) }

here's some pictures from our great day: 

{taking the trolley down to the beach!}

{the water temperature was 84 degrees... perfect if you ask me!}

{this was so cool... there's so much wildlife on this beach!}

after the beach, we went to an extremely fancy movie theatre...
 {one that we will probably not go to again for a LONG time... it was extremely pricey}
but it WAS the nicest one we've EVER been to!
the chairs sooo comfortable. 
i want one for our appt! ha ;) 
they were HUGE fluffy leather chairs. 
and we even got delicious pizza to eat IN the movie. how cool!


what a wonderful day with my very best friend
he never fails to amaze me 


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  1. Stumbled across your blog, and have enjoyed reading through some of the posts =D And your wedding pictures are amazing!