Saturday, May 7, 2011

Out & About

Last night, Lee and I went to P.F. Changs (our first time!!) 
We've heard great things about this place-
 and we were excited to see that our town has one!
It was super good... a little different then we had expected, but excellent nonetheless 
Its a Chinese restaurent... we were thinking it would be a large buffet
 (or maybe we were hoping ;) 
but it was actually a sit-down, semi-fancy place
I really liked the feel of it- 
it was a bit smaller then we thought it would be too, but it was a really nice place 
I got Lo Mein w/ chicken.. yum! It was delish 
And they have this excellent sauce that they bring out and make for you... it was so so good   


We went to see 'Water for Elephants' last night. 
We loved it!
have any of you seen it? 

Today, we went to the Village at Venetian Bay... there really cute little shops. 
There's a lot of little shopping places around here- 
there so fun to look at! 
These sort of had a European feel... really pretty! 
There were lots of pretty flowers- 
and we found this really sweet ivy covered building (love those!)

{ lee was such a good sport about me taking TONS of pictures of random things ;) }

After our little stroll through the Village,
 we checked out the mall for the first time. 
It was huge! 
I was hoping so bad that they would have a Forever 21 {my fave store!}
And they DO!
So of course I dragged Lee in with me :) 
I got a super cute dress and top {for great prices, of course}
Lee and I calculated that this was the first time I have bought any clothing in something like:
So this was definitely exciting... 
I'll post soon what I got w/ pics :)

Hope you all had a marvelous Saturday! 

Isn't the weekend so relaxing and wonderful after a week of work?!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE P.F Changs!! I had ducks last time when I went. You should try them next time you go. You'll like it. and plus... I also love Forever21, and instagram picture effect!!! Love you Beth! ;-)