Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabulous florida fruit

One of the many things I love about living here, is the FRUIT! 
Oh my goodness... it doesn't matter where you get it.. it's always so juicy, fresh & so so yummy, 
I'm like a fruit freak, and even Lee is venturing outside of his ONE fruit that he eats (apple), and is enjoying all kinds of fruits! 
When I go into the grocery store, I'm seriously dangerous in the fruit section ;) 
I get everyyyy fruit in sight. Ha

Fruit salads are our favorite:

I LOVE brown cow organic yo-gurt with red raspberries:

The other day, I asked Lee to bring me a peach... and look what he brought me: 

Aw... what a thoughtful hubby I have! 

And of course I'm still making fruit-filled crepes, probably a little too often ;)
I'm actually going to try them with RED raspberries tonight! 

Ok... so yah I really just dedicated a whole post to fruit.
Oh well, I think fruit deserves it! 

Yum... how can something so tasty actually be healthy for you!? 
yay for florida's awesome fruit! 

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  1. haha yeah real fresh fruit is the best, i think it warrants a post :) great pics, by the way