Monday, May 23, 2011

A full heart

Lee started his new job this week at Ruby Tuesday's... yum! 
Let me just say my husband is a PRO at getting any job he applies for. 
It's ridiculous... he makes getting a job seem so EASY 
I guess its just his INSTANT loveability {ya... think I made that word up or maybe just spelled it wrong} ;) 

Anyways, this is his third day- he likes it,
I mean, as much as you can like working..

And what am I doing? 
Well, I'm just doing typical house wife things ;) 
Which surprisingly there is actually a lot to keep me busy 
The two of us can get pretty messy, 
so I always have an abundance of cleaning, organizing, laundry, and of course dish washing

I was just thinking as I was loading the dishwasher how happy I am to be in this part of my life:
It really is so fun
so new 
so exciting 

Before Lee was about to leave for work today, 
I said.... 'you seem excited for work'
he replied, 'no I'm just excited to come home and see you' 
what a sweet boy!
I'm sure you're thinking we are just pathetic newlyweds ;) 

There's nothing that makes me happier then cooking dinner for my husband, making the house look pretty for when he comes home, excitedly waiting for his return from work, cuddling and watching movies as late as we want, reading the Bible and praying together, waking up with him next to me every morning, & spending endless hours laughing and loving each other

And, so, as I reflect on these things,

I realize that my heart is full


  1. That was awesome! You guys bless my heart!! Always be pathetically in love with each other... keep the fire burning...and remember these times always.....xoxoxo

  2. Bethany, your writings are always so inspirational to me, and make my heart smile (and I bet it is the same for a lot of people). You are such a blessing!

  3. this is so sweet, i really enjoyed reading it :) i am newly married, too, and marriage is really fun, more than I even expected, felt sort of like playing house at first:)

  4. So jealous of this phase of life you are in! It seems so exciting.

    My sister just started working at Ruby Tuesday and she loves it.

  5. Would you think I was ridiculous if I said I hope my boyfriend and I are like you two when we get married? He's deployed right now, but we plan on getting engaged when he gets back. I love, love, love your blog!!

  6. My boyfriend is the exact same way-he can go for any interview and he gets the job! And he also gets interviews ridiculously easy. If only I could!

  7. Aw, I loved that last paragraph. I feel the same way! I'm so excited to come home and fix supper for my love. I just found your blog today and I'm so glad. You two are so adorable and in love! :)

  8. "I'm sure you're thinking we are just pathetic newlyweds" lol! No! You two are so adorable!