Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 20th Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. 
Lee had such a fun, relaxing day planned for me. 
He's such a sweet boy! 

He took me to the Naples Zoo! 
We've both been dying to go to the zoo... so I was super excited! 
The zoo was not too large in size one but it was gorgeous & it was all-inclusive. Which meant that all the shows/cruises/activities were all included with admission!
We loved watching the shows {we went to just about every one of them ;) } 
They were really neat and super informative {which was always boring as a kid, but super exciting to learn  awesome things about animals as an adult}

Anyways, we had so much fun &
 it was so wonderful spending the whole day with the one that I love:

I didn't take too many pictures, just because we were having too much fun,
 but here's some of my favorites: 

{aww their kissing}

What a happy birthday :) 
Thanks hubby!


  1. We used to sing this when we were kids:

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    You look like a monkey
    and you smell like one too.
    ... just sayin.

  2. I LOVE going to the zoo too! Happy Belated Birthday!
    Thanks for stopping by today! =)