Sunday, May 8, 2011

My mom

Everyday I'm alive I think of a million reasons why I love my mom, 
and, well, in honor of mothers day I decided to write about them

I have hands down the best mom in the world.
I have never met anyone as caring, kind, self-sacrificing, or loving as her 
She is a pure example of Christ 
She is a giver 
She is a helper 

My mom listens, she gives me irreplaceable advice, she comforts me 

There is no one I am more eager to talk to:
She gets excited about things that I'm excited about 
even the ridiculous things, like finding a whole foods store or discovering a smoothie recipe :) 

She loves me for who I am, 
NOT what she wants me to be 

She supports me, she encourages me in everything I do

She is a friend that doesn't leave, she's always there 
Our relationship doesn't fade over time, it only grows 
Distance never separates us no matter how far apart we are

My mom is a funny lady,
We laugh together all the time
Some of my best times- have been with her :) 

My mom brings such joy into my life, I'd be lost without her 

Thank you God for a mother full of unconditional love
Thank you for putting a tangible direct example of You in my life

Thank you for a mother who has prayed and loved me unconditionally
 my entire life

My hope is to one day be a mother like her, 
to give my children a life so filled with love- 
so filled with Christ's love

Thank you God for a beautiful mother 

So, to the best mom any girl could ever dream of having-

I love you

.there are no words great enough to express my thankfulness for you.

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